I'm a person that likes people who are swaggy. I do have gender identity issues😙. Any pronouns are alright w me but I prefer they/he🏳️‍🌈🌪

I'm genuinely a nice person sometimes but chances are you've seen my angry midnight comments were I threaten to castrate someone in a story.

Some facts about me:
I have never seen a Harry Potter movie. I've read all of the books but remember none of it.
I may seem like I have a very out there personality but I am probably the quietest most awkward person you can meet
I do have issues,,,,,,😶🙂
I took college English from my second semester of freshman year up till now but I still have the worst spelling, grammar, and punctuation that you could ever come across

What I have in all of my reading lists aren't even half of the amount of books that I've read I just forget to add the stories to my lists so if you need more recommendations then just message me🥳 I don't ever really check my messages though so posting stuff to the conversation board will most likely catch my attention quicker

Have a good day. Or a bad day I can't choose for you. Unless I don't like you then have a bad day and go frick a cactus☺️
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