@Hibaaj101 Now I do too..


@WeirdAndStuff  Read  "Happily ever after, Redefined" &  my poetry collection. ..NOW! !


Hi Tamara!!
          It's Jolynne
          I made a new account because something was wrong with my old one 


Hello humans! 
          So obviously, I don't normally do this but I have come across this ah-to-the-mazing book and I seriously want you guys to read it. There is this new person/robot/alien on Wattpad called snowdust19 who writes really great books. Trust me. You wanna read this. Her/his/it's book is called From Deceptions To Truth. Soooo worth reading!!! So, go, my fellow humans, live your live. While reading that book of course. 
          Also thank you so much for you support even though you haven't shown any. But I am a good and humble person and my parents raised me up well so had to say that. 
          Adios, amigos!
          WeirdAndStuff ;)