Hecc DBH has claimed my soul guess I'm gonna drown in another fandom


Omg your on animal jam lol I played that when I was very very little. Not going to lie I still know my passwords and everything IM CRYING 


Well jello there! 
          Fellow divergent
          What faction did you actually join?
          I was split between dauntless and erudite.
          I chose dauntless tho.
          If you actually read this I'm proud of you.


*whips out laptop*
          *incorrectly enters password three times*
          *finally gets it open*
          *tries to find the mouse*
          *finds the mouse*
          *rapidly clicks in Google Chrome a bazillion times*
          *Googles 'aninaljsm'*
          *Googles 'animaljam*
          *tries to remember username and password from two years ago*
          *gets it on first try (hell yeah)*
          *spins wheel*
          *gets 100 gems*
          *tries to remember how to search for a player*
          *figures it out*
          *goes back to your bio to recheck your acc name*
          *finds... Victory Majorwolf*
          IS dat you?


@BibliophilicGay why yes it is :^)


@YouGoGIenCoco Oh no what?


Since the Voltron fandom has turned into a complete war zone over the release of season 7, come hide out with me on Amino at Nova_Sparks to talk about said season without the risk of having a limb torn off.


@Webkinzluver5 pls protect me as well, most of my friends have left the fandom but I just cant let go ;;;;-;;;;;


Hey bro I see you like basically everything I like. Hit me up on aj my username is Elsaisnotbad5100 (sorry for the bad username the account used to be my sisters but I’ll be changing it soon hopefully) and I like webkinz too. Lps, animal jam, voltron, etc. basically all things imaginable. Hope we can be great online friends!