First of all, I am aware I've left my book stranded for over 3 or 4 months, I'm not even sure at this point. However, I am sure of the problems my story had been facing during that time, with characters making irrational decisions and my chapters becoming a lot more random.
          	For that reason, I decided to take a break on the story, besides the fact schoolwork became far more pressing. In any case, updates will be resuming next week for sure and a new story will finally begin! (Yay?)
          	Anyways, hope you're as excited as me, and forgive my leave!
          	I appreciate all of your understanding and support to this point to the greatest of extents <3
          	Merry Christmas and Happy New Years~ (Sorry for posting this as an announcement >.<)


So, just posting this here to inform you all that (if it's not already obvious) Warrior21st has dropped the story. we're not sure whether she has started another story, so that'll be all for now guys:
          	  "well, reika/warrior21st has stopped writing that story, we’re still pretty much in the dark if she has started on another novel" — from the discord server
          	  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


*poke poke poke* qwq


@Warrior21st *Takes a Sword and shoves it up Warrior21st’s @$$* WAKE UP, YOU MOROOON!!!


Please im begging you to cotinue your story don't leave your story and your fans is stealing waiting on you


Impressive, your mainly focused on one book only, that deserves my respects for your commitment