Love ships, like, any... though i do have personal favourites that you can see below...


any pronouns - I'm still figuring this out tbh but I'll just stick with this for now

I don't do labels, I pretty much just go with the flow when it comes to liking people although i refer to myself as gay often, 'cuz lets be real here, I'm lazy and saying "gay" is quicker than saying "fluid" (or at least its easier and faster to explain).

I am out to my friends, and close family, however not to grandparents, aunts and uncles, or cousins. I'm nervous af but I'll figure it out I guess.

why have you read this far? I'm really not that interesting. lol

I try my best to act positive and fun to counteract my depression and anxiety but sometimes it can be pretty hard.

hobbies include singing, reading, writing, and daydreaming, I also talk a lot, however I also can stay quiet af so I guess you could say I'm surprising. or not, whatever. I'm sure you can practically smell the social awkwardness while reading this but whatever.


My Tumblr:
Name- "hello-i-am-goat"

My Spotify:
Name- "Carrots"
Pic- neon rainbow
^that link should work, if not just search my name^

My Pinterest (its full of memes, you have been warned):
(the profile pic is a Jungkook aesthetic my friend made for me)


My babe: @ilovedekuuuu / @Cameron_Loves_You / @-_Bakugou_Boom_-

My soulmate and spouse: @how_you_doin27


okaybyeleavingnow ._.
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