Hi guys.
          	I’ve made the decision to take down “the proposition”. It’s honestly too stressful with the weekly updates at this point in my life right now and I’m just not so passionate about it. It’s more of a burden for me to sit down and write on this book and that’s not how I want it to feel like when I write, so that’s why I’ve mainly made the decision. I’m working on other things right now I feel more passionate about that I rather want to put my energy into. 
          	I’m so sorry for those of you who’s really into the book and feel disappointed, but I hope and appreciate that you respect my decision.
          	Lots of love from Penelope.


@damnxmaddie yes @wannaknowmewhy would also like to read the book it was awesome the first few chapters that I've read and I really hope you complete it someday when you have time love your stories


@Wannaknowmewhy i hope your doing ok and i understand and respect your decision 


It is the fact that I came back too loook for this book because I did not get a notification in my phone for it makes me so sad! Def understand I want you too be passionate about the things you write 


Hi Everyone, 
          I’m posting here again to let people know I have a copy of “As you please master” from an old account. I am trying to get in contact with the author to see if they want the book back. I have reached out through this app and Instagram, however I haven’t received a response. If anyone can reach the author, please let them know a copy of their book exists and to contact me whenever. 
          I know some people really want to read the book again and have reached out to me so I can send them the book. This book is not my property. I will not be sharing it with anyone but the author and I will not be reuploading it. Even if you promise you won’t publish it, I will not share it. 1. I would have to share my private information like my phone number so I can send it to you (which I’m only willing to do for the author). 2. It’s not my book to share. I was fortunate enough that my old account never updated and I screen recorded the book to keep it safe for the author If they ever want it back. So if that account ever updates, I have a copy of it saved. 
          If you’re the author and you read this. Please reach out and let me know what you want done with your book. If you can contact the author or no someone who’s in contact with them, please reach out. 
          I really appreciate it. 


Hi everyone! I posted on her a while ago letting people know I have a copy of “As you please master” from an old wattpad account that never got updated. I have a full copy of the book. I originally commented to try and get peoples help in contacting the author of the book. I private messaged the author back in Feb and once more in March, wanting to let them know a copy of their book still exists and if they would like it back. If anyone can get in contact with the author, please ask them to contact me! I had a few people ask if I can post a copy of it or if I can send them a copy. I really do understand peoples want! I enjoyed the book myself and was thrilled to see my account still had the book. However, I will not be sending it to anyone or posting it as it’s not my property. Not until I have permission from the author. The best outcome would be to give it back to the author so they can do with it as they please. If the author sees this post at any time, even if it’s been some time since I posted it. Please reach out still, I would love for you to have your hard work back :) 


@user44744974 maybe you can reach out to the author through Instagram of the author is unavailable on Wattpad 


Hi! So i have been your fan since your book "As you please, Master". And i just wanna say I love ur writing and I js love you as a author. But. I have a  question. Where is the book "As you please, master" idk if it's js smth wrong with my phone or wattpads itself, but I have tried to find it on here and js couldn't. I have really been wanting to re-read it since I fell in love with it in 2020 maybe 2021. I was just wondering!


@user44744974 I tried to message the author


@EvelynEscobar546 I don’t want to post a copy as it’s not my property. I really want to get in contact with the author and see what they would like to do. Would they want a copy of the book back so they can re-upload it, or do they wish I delete my copy. I really want it to be there choice. If anyone can get in contact with the author, that would be great!  


@user44744974 is there any way you could post a copy of the book since I can’t find it anywhere? Pls 


I cannot believe how completely i fell in love with 'You belong to me'! It's one of the best stories I've ever read! I love how you're able to bring your reader into your story and make them feel exactly what the character is feeling. Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us! I'm on my way to binge every one of your other works and the outside world better know that it won't be seeing me until I've read it all***