check my bio for an update on me if you want !! 


saph,,, ily and imyyyy
          i’ve changed my username so much since you were last on,, but it’s gwen !! ly ly bb,, imysmmm


saph, my jellyfish, imysm and ilysm remember, great minds think alike but dumb minds stay tgt ♡


positivity chain!
          list 5 things you love about yourself and send it to 10 people you love <3
          1. my positivity
          2. my logical mind bc i can use them when idk the answer to questions in exam AHAHAHA
          3. my eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes
          4. i'm composed under stressful situations (sometimes lol)
          5. my jokes hAh (basically the fact that i could make ppl smile and laugh uwu)