Hey guys I'm gonna start a new story who's interested?


Oke first thing you need to know is i'm dying, like everyone dying for the next thing happens on Back to You
          Now i beg to you for update or publish a new chapter/bab/part whatever you called until the end


WOW!!!!!!. Just finished back to you. Amazing. 
          Can't wait for the next update


I just finished Back to You and I cannot BREATHE because of the emotions. He knows!!!! Is he going to find out about the baby too?! Is he going to try and win her back?!! Are they still gonna fake date and he's gonna use it to his advantage??? Will they ever finally TALK?! Are they both going to hurt each other even more?! I have so many questions that need answering  Please come back to it I can't die not knowing


Can you please update back to you. I just love the book so much but I don’t want to be a bother so take your time.


Please Update Back To You I Love love LOVE it and Please bring shawn into the story for a lil while so that Colson will get jealous and then they, Colson and Shawn, will fight over Camila. IDk why i just love when 2 guys fight over a girl, Its romantic to me. Anyway please consider my idea and Update soon please