Hey y'all 

What the fuck is going on in this world right? Yep same.

My friends calls me Niv because saying my full name is weird af. I'm From the SEA, and if some of y'all don't know what that is, it basically means I live in the sea. Yes honeys I'm from Atlantis.

Anywhores I've been in wattpad for nearly 5 years now as a loyal reader. So if somehow a writer stumbles upon one of my comments and wants me to read their stories, then feel free to do so. But! ...
I'm a hardcore commenter bitches, if somehow your Story comes out as 💩💩 or just plain on crack. Then you bet your writing ass imma say something about it.

So um moving on......

I'll read anything actually, romance, horror, thriller, comedy, mystery etc for all types of relationships, hetero and in the lgbtq community 🌈🌈. But fanfics?? Yeahhhh not really a fan of knowing what Zayn will do to Harry in
And those Y/NxShawnmendes?? ✋✋👉🚪.

Okayy basically that's it. Love ya strangers. Nowt gtfo 😘
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