Greetings mortal being
My name is Veritas.
I'm just a unique boy with unique and peculiar character
I'm a traveler, seeking miracle and epic tales of heroes of old or future in this orange realm
My Nickname is vere (credit to the dweller of the land of "fuck off")
i have some interest in unique work(like the work of the world's famous poet), DSP work, angel and demon work, pokemon, and other stuff
But, heed my warning, mongrel! If any if ye wish to hath a fight with me, then i shall bring the apocalyptic judgement upon ye, and nothing from hell nor heaven could protect ye from my ire...

Just kidding\(^o^)/


"Hearken! From the abyss of the ethereal valley, I came to deliver the dark death. The Evening Bell has called thy name. Bring me thy head!"
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Story by ~X~
Compilation of quote and other cool words by Veritas777
Compilation of quote and other coo...
Welcome traveler, to my humble library. This is a place where i compiled famous (and not so) words, oath, phr...
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