What is mean of love ??


@Vender_Kim  Love is incomplete even when it is with you.
          	  drowning in her pupils, not being able to touch her skin.
          	  Love hurts and melts the body


seems like u r back on watty *even tho you were active on insta*
          I missed yah here, bud-


            You have me, stoopid~
            I will be by ur side forever~


To the most beautiful girl in the world,
          Love, hating yourself won't do anything good to you~
          No matter how other people treat you, learn to forget the past and move on hoping for a better future~
          I know you've been hurt, countless times, and ut is really hard for you to do so, but as being your bestie let me tell you, It's the best thing you can do~
          Don't give a damn about the messed up people you are surrounded with~
          Make them feel that you are living your best~
          Make then envy your perfect life~
          And yeah, please don't say that you hate yourself
          You are literally best gift I could nit even had imagined of having~
          Live your best~