*Knock knock*
Who's there?
*Opens the door out of curiosity*

Oh hello there, my charming sweetheart and please don't by shy.

Welcome to the crazy non-stop wild train of books where cliché are cherished, talents are treasured, books are beautified, flows are flourished, differences are dwelled, similarities are swelled, mistakes are embraced and moments are mesmerized.

Now, now, don't let my warm welcome trick you.

I'm a fire. If you treat me respectively, I will warm you but if you crossed the line, I will burn you.

Your actions choose my fire degree.

Don't let this scare you though, my charming sweetheart.

I'm sure you don't have any malicious intention, don't you?

Please note that I do not take reading request due to the lack of internet. So forgive my bloody, inactive and crimson heart.

What else I can say?

If I can get online then it's the last two days of my every weekly internet bundle.

My profile picture shows my personality while my books represent my imagination with thoughts and my reading lists reflects my preferences with interests.

That is all I have to say for now since I think I have said enough.

Before you try to be free from my irritating profile introduction, don't forget to give my smaller sister @FearlessSamantha some love.

She deserves to be loved and cherished by others since she's sweet as dessert opposite to mine. XD

Also, here are my few simple goals on wattpad:

Read 100 books online: (7/100)
Judge 100 books: (20/100)
Complete a book without unpublishing:
Enter fifty awards as a participant: ( 0/50)
Enter ten awards as a judge: (01/10)
Stay in any club for at least a month: ( 0/30 days)
Help 100 undiscovered authors gain readers: ( 0/100)

My best apologize for wasting your time & thank you from my pathetic, useless and waste of oxygen soul for reading my humble profile introduction.

Until next time;
My sweetheart =3
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VaginaEmpire VaginaEmpire Feb 11, 2020 09:07AM
The best thing about reading books online are the comments. They are the only thing that keeps me on my feet and lighten up my mood, no matter how fallen my day was.100% #reader'sweeklyvibe
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