For those of you who didn't know, I updated A Song For You yesterday (yay! I finally wrote something!) and you can check it out here: https://www.wattpad.com/862410619-a-song-for-you-thirty :) I hope you enjoy it!
          	I also just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has continued to support me, whether you're an OG reader or you're relatively new to my account/books ♡ Holding onto You was put into the Paid Stories program last month, joining Maybe One Day, and the fact that so many people are happy to pay and support my writing honestly means the absolute world to me. I'm so, so grateful to every single person who has unlocked one (or both) of my stories, but please be rest assured there's no pressure, either, particularly with what's happening at the moment. 
          	Take care and stay safe,
          	Sarah xo


@UnsinkableShips ❤❤ take care!


You take care and stay safe. The new chapter is good.


Hey! Wattpad Newbie. Wanted to say hi and hope you can check out my stories! Winning his heart over is almost done
          Happy Reading and Stay safe


Please before I go ahead to purchase the rest I want to know if it's a complete story..... Pls reply 


Hello from France and congratulations for your awesome work !
          I hope you are doing fine.
          Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your stories and your writing very much. You are very talented and write with creativity and a great style.
          Thank you for a really enjoyable reading experience!
          Trust your skills and take care.


Hey,I have read A song for You.It's amazing.Actually your every book is just fabulous. Plz update A song for you.plzz...


Hey ....ur stry was awesome..holding onto you ...it smilir to my stry ...on frst 3 chapter ....its superb to read ..ur stry plz update it ..best wishes fr ur upcoming stry... plz update ful stry with out paid ..its nt cmg ..plz i wana read that stry dr ...


Hi , I hope you are doing ok on this terrible times , and I was wondering if you plan on updating a song for you ??? 
          Stay safe :)


Dear ma'am 
           I have been reading all your stories before and after pandemic.
          You are awesome. You are just great.
          A song for you, 62 letter, holding into you, maybe one day.
          Finished all of them...
                If possible please update a song for you. 
          PS- but still will wait sincerely ...


Still hoping for A Song For You's update. Books like yours are one of those things that keeps me going in this bleak pandemic. Thank you for sharing your stories <3
          P.s. Been a silent reader for long haha


I'm having trouble unlocking the story, I hzvec18 coins but every time I select unlock next chapter or whole story, it just says there's z problem and try again?