Chapter 3 of The Prowl is up! Click the link to read!


Hey guys! I am excited to announce a new story! I have always wanted to dip into the werewolf genre, but this is much more than your average mates meeting werewolf novel. I have respun it with romance/mystery plot with a whole lot of mystical creatures and plot twists! Give the first chapter a read! I hope you enjoy! https://www.wattpad.com/story/205073456


Hi there! @TheAlbinaCommittee is an account based off of  various mythologies, we are dedicated to supporting writers. We help writers with getting more reads, recognition, and showing off their hard work.
          Currently, we have a book club, an awards system, prompt contests book, and even a guide to mythology! I hope you check our account out, it's truly a great opportunity!


I'm a monkey. I write, make some covers and I give ideas!! Please check me out (especially my ideas book) and in exchange I'll owe you a Golden banana.  (Not that banana, the real fruit, get yo head outta the gutter)