Facts about me:
I'm a girl who loves reading and writing.
I'm a total book worm and love reading other people's stories.
I'm a proud Capricorn♑️♑️♑️
My favourite manga is fairytail
My favourite anime is no game no life or hakiyuu
My favourite song is mad hatter or I love you but I don't like you
My favourite book series is a series of unfortunate events or Harry Potter.
I live in England.
I go to a Theater school called BrightLights.
I am the quiet type of girl but if you are a bully and I see you being mean to someone I will not hesitate to put you in your place and stand up for that person even if they are a stranger.
I know martial arts.
I travel a lot with my family and hope by the end of my life I would have travelled to most countries in the world.
I hope I can be a author some day and that you like all my stories.
Feel free to dm me.P.S I will also be writing fanfic a as well as nonfanfic. :)
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