I am a divorced mom of 4 grown children. 3 boys: 22, 21, 17. And 1 girl 19. My birthday is June 3rd, 1978, and I fight the aging process as hard as my broke bank account let's me lmao. I love reading any kind of material I can get my hands on, and I mean ANY. I love proof reading things and helping anyone who has the talent, desire, and nerves of steel that it takes to be brave enough to post their brilliant writings on here. I haven't been able to get that nerve yet. One of those "I love encouraging and working with up and coming authors (the word "amateur" doesn't fit anyone here on Wattpad, as I believe with the right motivation, everyone is up and coming). I've been on Wattpad for more than 7 years; but at some point around the end of 2017 to the 1st of 2018, I somehow got locked out of my other Wattpad account and so I made a new one. As crazy as it may seem, I miss my other account and reading lists; but, c'est la vie. 
I know this is a very long "about me," and I apologize.
I welcome any reading suggestions (for now just English, please. I am; however, learning French, Spanish and Italian, so in time....), and would eagerly and be honored to help anyone proofread or just read..in general.
Again, I apologize for this very long "about me." Y'all have a blessed day
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