"Our roots say we're sisters, our hearts say we're best friends."


This is the official joint account of Tori (@Lovetori_xo) and Liz (@babylizz_)

Our aim is to blow your minds! Believe me, you have not met sisters like us before.😌❤️

So, if you're here, please follow and engage yourself in the crazy world of our book characters, you are definately going to lose your breath, I guarantee you. (Cracks knuckles to start writing✨)

This whole account majorly focuses on our LakeWoods Series and we can't wait to invite you all behind the gates of this prestigious school (LakeWoods High). Cheers to uncovering all the secrets, catching up on all the intense drama, shuddering at all the conspiracies, sitting at the edge of your sanity with all the mind-blowing mystery, and having a breath of fresh air with all the sweet, swooving romance! Buckle your seatbelts guys, we're in for a ride.

Contact us at theendsisters@gmail. com.

Happy Reading!❤️
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