Hello world of reading! I'm TinyCherries (my nickname at summer camp was Tiny because I'm short, and my nickname in 4th grade was Cherries because of my last name. This is how my wild imagination came up with the username TinyCherries). Soooo........I found this AMAZING picture of a smiling pufferfish years ago,(I searched up smiling fish cause I'm weird).
I love all books, except for some books, I lose interest in them quickly.... like you're probably losing interest in what I have to say right now
If you know of any great books (From Wattpad or not), I'd love to know. I can tell you of any great books as well.........blablabla
I'm a certified weirdo, I drew myself my own certificate.
I'm not short, I'm vertically challenged! (And fun-sized, same thing)
All smiley faces MUST have eyebrows!
I like being social,(only on Wattpad and other rare or not so rare occasions)
If you hear anyone tell you about how pufferfish can smile, I started it.
Hakuna Matata
P.S. pufferfish can smile, spread the word!
Now bye.
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