Hey fellow Wattpadian this is a joint account for @Lazy_Not_Bored and @Sterling_Paige so we're going to write a wee bit about ourselves and you can probably find more of ourselves on our separate accounts.

Gracie aka @Lazy_Not_Bored
Ello Lovelies! My name is Gracie short for Graciela but that's just a mouthful so call me whatever I don't really care :p
Some Random Factoids:
I'd rather read on Wattpad than a book which everyone says is weird but I've never been normal so...
I love free hugs weather I'm giving or receiving them
@Sterling_Paige be ma bffl!!!
I like pineapples with nutella
Me and my sister once put a whole watermelon in a blender to make watermelon juice
I cry at Rom-Coms ( I blame the hormones)
I giggle in biology class
I love math, writing, and READING (I'm a nerd) I wear glasses and have braces
My eyes are hazel and my hair is brown like caca(poop) and I wish I could die it some random color
I dance when no one is looking
I have a long distance relationship with my refrigerator (so far away but so worth it)
single and ready to mingle (minus the mingling part)

1! 2! 3!
hi everyone! I'm Sterling, A.K.A @Sterling_Paige!
I love to write, sing, laugh, talk, and sleep :3 oh yeah and eat xD
I have a weird habit of eating Ice... ^-^
Gray (@Lazy_Not_Bored ) is my bestest friend!
I type too fast and often my sentences end up janked up so i have to edit for ever
I have black hair with purple highlights in my fringe, soon to be full on purple, it was purple but- oh whoops rant again !
I love to read actual books but Wattpad is also nice
if you ask me to read your story that's one chapter long and give advice i will not simple as that.
My eyes are a blue-green with gold flecks, think that's called hazel xD
so yeah, that's me! :)
go check out our individual accounts and follow and stuff!
kik us at : @sterling_Paige_ and @CodyLongoDarrenCriss
and Ster's instagram: @Sterling_Paige_
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