Hai peeps
I have a name like im sure many of y'all do, but do you know my name? No, you do not.
I am also 13, well nearly anyways
I live someplace almost nobodys heard of and probably wont belive exists if tell them (we built the Titanic)
I'm a grey-pansexual/ romantic

Hiss Hiss Im a Slytherin bitch
Drarry happened and there is a Peter Parker Dad Dying Curse FITE ME!

I may or may not be obsssed with murder and torture, theres nothing you can prove

I twitch, randomly. And nobody knows why but I've narrowed it down to either anxiety or too much coffee. I'm willing to bet both

My brain has imploded send help

Yes I know what human tastes like and no I have never looked it up

I'm meant to be writing an essay while I'm doing this but ehh, who cares?

Ok now my brain actually HAS imploded but I'm too busy not caring to care

Now that you've wasted some of your life reading my garbage you may leave

Haha nope... ok now you can actually leave, for real though leave before your brain implodes as well.
  • The closet, I’m very comfortable here, I think I might just stay, forever
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Thorn_____ Thorn_____ Dec 09, 2019 09:24PM
I'm going go hell, just though I'd let y'all knowI regret NOTHING
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