Hey, so I like writing stories. I mean seriously it's a problem. I am constantly coming up with things in my head or narrating a conversation I'm having with someone. To be honest it gets quite annoying after a while. I'm pretty good with words. Which honestly isn't a very useful talent for me at the moment unless I want to get a good grade or make my parents happy ( which is actually useful to some extent I guess ).

I'm not sure what stories I might write. And I'm not sure how I'll write them either. I mean, they could be in first person! Or third person, or even second person! ( although I'm not quite sure what exactly that is ) I'm always welcome to some nice constructive criticism and probably won't take offence to anything ( probably! Most likely... Maybe 95% ok so maybe 80%? Or 75%! At least no less than 75%! )

Some of my fandoms include ( but are not exclusive to ):

Torchwood, Doctor who, Bones, Supernatural, Firefly ( and serenity! ), Chuck, Castle, Sherlock, Heroes, and probably many more I can't quite remember at 1:30 in the morning.

I also love YouTube and some of my favourite channels (but again, are not exclusive to) are; Seananners, Markiplier, Cathy Diep, Mr Sark, Achievement Hunter, Crious gaming, Rooster Teeth, FunHaus, Vannoss Gaming, howtobasic and a long list of others!

Comments and votes are always greatly appreciated! And don't hesitate to ask questions or say your opinion! Please enjoy!
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