Hey y'all! It's been a crazy... well, basically year lol. Sorry I've been gone so long, I haven't had motivation to write, I haven't even checked my comments or anything since May... But I'm here to say that I do plan on making my triumphant return! I'm currently right before the end of this semester, I'm working part-time, and my girlfriend graduates soon! After that, though, I'll have a bit more time! I have an original story idea (I took a Tumblr prompt and ran with it and now I have the vague idea for a whole book) as well as hopes for a Clexanya story or something too, because I started looking through the One Who's Fallen for an essay on "how to write like me" for my class and I miss the characters so much! Thank you for sticking with me and I'm sorry about the hiatus! Hopefully someday I'll make money from writing so I won't have to exhaust myself at work and then not have time to write lol. Currently, I have posted over a million words on the internet and have received zero pennies lol. Thank you all for reading this and for your comments on my stories (I'll try to catch up but that might take a while)! Stay awesome, folks!


@ The_Sarcastic_Dork  not me seeing this one year later and on my birthday that's weird...


@The_Sarcastic_Dork Hang in there, Dear. You're a wizard at this. I'm new(ish) to Wattpad, and I haven't been as engrossed in a story as I am in your The One Who's Fallen, in a long time. It made me add your entire Her Weakness series to my library. I can't wait to drop off the grid this weekend and get into this world you've created. Thank you for writing. I'm a gigantic fan.


Hey, I  was looking at your books about Lex and Clarke, I was wondering if you had the first book about them because I'm not sure what it's called.


Do you still write? Because your stories are really good and I would love to read some more of them. 



Have u ever thought of writing an emison fic


Can you post on the ones who fallen series. I've the plot and theres so much potential and it saddens me that I've reached the end. 


Could you do another story like Of Knights and Aliens? Best story I have ever read. 


Hi random question are you male or female? And if you had one sentence to dicribe living in FL compared to living in Louisiana now what would it be?


@ HXA621  I'm not sure but i think they use he/them pronounce


Hey I’m krazykitty5536 and I love your books it would be great if you could check out mine too and maybe follow me? I don’t wanna seem desperate, but I’m also new, so if you could that would be great. Thx!


Hey can you go check out my story if you have time, I could use some constructive criticism to see if I did well. It only has one chapter but I want to see if i'm doing good or if I should just stop because im not really a good writer even though I love it.Its called "The Future is Our Goal".


Anyone know any Raven Luna anya books bc of the one who's fallen book I can't get them out of my head lmao and now I ship it lmao