Why hello there! 
To be honest I'm surprised you found your way to my own little corner of the "World" if you want to put it that way and, finally decided to personalise this empty husk of profile... so if your reading this for some reason, good for you I guess!!

Anyhow, the names The_Lost_Foxtrot- or simply Foxtrot since it's a bit of a 'mouthful' to say/write, within this piece to the site I usually read stories, roleplay with others, and make new characters and people come to life on my own terms, hell you could technically call me and other OC creators gods... maybe I'll even make a new Black Book for roleplayers to join in on some random sh*t just for the heck of it...

But as of this moment I'll just snoop about, stalkin on different stories and rps and all that creepy stuff, but don't be scared to send a message if you simply wanna talk or roleplay! just note that I won't alway reply right away, can even take some time to get back at you for my own personal reasons or what-not but other then that I usually get back to replying.
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Story by Pelinal_Yeeter_of_Elves
The Black Book of OCs/and randomness by The_Lost_Foxtrot
The Black Book of OCs/and randomne...
Just a book for the OCs I've made, because why not? Btw /I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE IMAGES!!/ I only use them to...