What can you say about me ?! - me sayed for my other's me

I can say that we love food!- my 2 me sayed

And netflix too!!- my 3 me sayed

Don't forget about wattpad!!- my 4 me sayed

Well that is actually a good description about me, thank you my other's me!- sayed me

You're welcome!- sayed they

(Ok I'm weird!)


Random things about me:

♤I'm a girl!

♤I'm 1,59 m tall!

♤I'm a Portuguese girl!(Eu sou uma rapariga portuguesa🇵🇹) (That means of course my english is not the best! So forgive me for my grammar mistakes)

♤I love chocolate!(Only milk chocolate actually).

♤I love anime! (Fav animes: Death Note, 7 deadly sins and Sailor Moon)

♤I'm a introvert at 97% of the time!

♤I love Disney!! My favorite princess is Rapzunel!

♤I love cartoons!! Like Svtfoe, Gravity falls, She-Ra, Miraculous Ladybug and more...

♤I have a puppie! Her name is Maya and she is sooo cute!

♤Singers/Bands I love: Imagine Dragons, Melanie Martinez, Halsey, Twenty One Pilots, Dua lipa, Lana Del Rey, Conan Gray, The Weekend, Ava Max, Alec Benjamin, Sasha Sloan and many more....

♤I like to read about werewolves, vampires, yanderes, ddlg, bdms, fantasy, non- cliche books, blah blah blah...

♤I'm a Ravenclaw! And a totally obsessed potterhead reading HP fanfiction xD

♤My favorite color is purple!💜

♤I'm afraid of close my eyes under the shower(I think always that someone randomly is going to kill me)

♤I don't like to lose on monopoly.

♤I like creepy stuff.

♤I'm kinky ;)


This was my weird description! Sorry for losing your time to read that. Hehehe


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