"Mi Padre es Kol Mikaelson" from TataAmaAPaula has copied my story "my Dad is Kol Mikaelson" someone had notify me even if the story is in Spanish I was really upset. I know I don't use this account at all but to know someone took my plots, characters, and my media. it hurts to know someone would just take it. Not even changing it completely.  I don't know much spanish but if my spanish readers if you read her book can you please tell me if she is really copying my book. this makes me really upset. I can see if you use my book for a translator but you could have used my name for the original owner. 


Please update I am Karin gilbert I love it! ❤  Her and Damon are meant to be ❤


I do wish you were still updating books on here because your writing is amazing. I haven't found anyone on Wattpad, who can write so many fanfictions about the same show, but have completely different characters and love interests. However, I love to just come onto your page and re-read them.


@freaksandmonsters me too, i absolutely love her books