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Cleanse my soul, for I have read not 1, but TWO, Mickey mouse x Donald Duck doujinshis.
          Why? You may ask. Bish, I'd like to know, too.


I am a religious woman, who is sinful, from head to toe, inside and out.  Please, I must be cleansed.


Dear holy water,please cleanse me of my sins for I have cheated on my own girlfriend @Mama_Waifu with a two dimensional boy named Rantaro  Amami from the sinful video game Danganronpa v3:Killing Harmony full of grotesque, violence  and  mature themes.I hope I am forgiven by your holiness.


Dear Lord, I have Read to much Lemons and I now ate to many Lemons- I think I need to Take The Sourness away 


            I only read them when im bored and when im done im like why did i read that again


             Same and also my friend