I'm an aspiring fantasy/fiction author! Well, that's obvious, but there's a bit more than that, let me explain.
I plan on making all my books in the same universe, but not always in the same timeline. For example in The Badlands, the students talk about a legend called The Komodo and mention a something about it. It's not very long, just an exchange, but it's there to say that he, or at least the legend of him, exists in the universe. All of my books are going to have this kind of interconnected feel, but my goal is for you not to feel like you have to read everything to understand what is going on but to mention it and make you think "Hey there's actually a real book called The Komodo, I'll read after this." [For now] I only write in the first person it just is easier for me.
But let's talk about me personally for a bit. I'm currently a high school student meaning that unfortunately, I can't work 4 hours a day on a story. But I do dedicate a lot of time to my stories, maybe about an hour and a half or so each day. I'm constantly thinking of ideas and writing them down to use for later so that when I do sit down I have some good ideas for characters, plot points, etc. I always show the drafts to my friends and getting feedback, especially praise, makes me feel really happy, it's my primary motivation.
If I can ask one thing of everyone reading this, is to please at least read the 'Prologue' of a book that looks interesting. It's never too long and it'll give you a good feeling for what the book is about. And if you end up liking the book then please share it with your friends. It'll mean a lot to me. And if you didn't please tell me constructive criticism so I can improve, and if you just didn't the style then please share it with someone who might like it. Thank you all so much. I can't wait to introduce you to a new world.
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