Hello. As some of you know I'm the FoxGirl12 or otherwise known as Zoe. I am currently looking to edit stories and to co write with people on their stories. So if you need either come to me!

Also. Feel free to ask me to read your stories. I love getting new books to read and being able to give advice! So.... Don't be shy!!!

"Don't starve yourself because you think your fat. Don't cut because you think your useless. If you don't want to live for you. Think about the people you love. That can range from one person to a million people. It doesn't matter. As long as there is someone you love..... Live for them. I mean come on. There's no i in Love right? There is an i in live though.... That i is telling you to live.... Not suffer and pay for it in the end....... And for those of you saying you don't have anyone to love..... think of me..... I want you all to live for me..... I have starved myself, I have cut, I have gone through this pain....... I understand what it feels like..... Just fight to stand up again. And continue to fight. Because if you do..... You won't regret it.... Not in the long run...."
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Hello hoomans...... My Friends/Authors I like/People that are cool(If i dont put you down itz cuz Im forgetful dont be offended)/etc on this terrifying land that we inhabited are:

I am an artist, weirdo, and a person that loves to read and write. I honestly just write stories to write them. I don't care if they get popular or not I just want to get them out there! I do appreciate people who take the time to read my stories though I really do.
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Hey guys. Some bad things are going on in my personal life right now so I won't be doing anything lately. Sorry about this but, it's a life or death situation with a close relative. So thanks for you...
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