Hey guys! 
I am pretty sure nobody is gonna read this, but if you are reading this, idk wtf you are doing over here😅😂
But yeah, let me tell you that I am a pure arianator, and my love for music🎶 and books 📒📖 is like an ever-growing creeper...

If you want to get some suggestions for any dark romance/ supernatural(werewolf,vampire etc.), Mafia, billionaire etc. Stuff, you can check out my reading list/s... (Reverseharem books are also suggested in those :))

And yeah, I would list out the names of authors, which I would like you all to check out and I would be pleasured if you would support them more💖🤩
Do support them!☺️

Thankyou for reading my profile, now you can move on with the rest of your life😅
Toodles! And have great day!
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