Welcome to The Wolf Pack Council!

This is a grouping of wolf packs who have come here to meet on even ground. We're here to not only help and guide newer Alphas and packs, but to provide a fair meeting ground should two packs wish for it to be held here. We advertise for packs, and although we do not directly solve problems, we allow for problems to be taken here to be solved under the moderation of the Council to ensure that it does not become an all out brawl.

Currently, there are three out of what is meant to be a seven member council on board. Though the future members are not known, we are simply here to moderate the account. This group is completely democratic and follows what the packs collectively want.

Below, I will list the Alpha's that monitor this account and the Packs that they lead.

Alpha Angus ( @Dickface )- @NewDawn
Alpha Jay ( @Kayjaykh )- @BlueMoonPack
Alpha Alic ( @Alic4maia )- @CrimsonSunPackPage
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TheCouncil TheCouncil Jul 30, 2013 04:39AM
If you are interested in becoming a council member, for ease, I ask that you please post your interest here. So that the rules are not broken, do not ask for any votes or bribe anyone. Sim...
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