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Welcome to TAL, a marvel and dc themed server by @-ADEELAJ- that is for everyone and anyone, fans and non fans alike!

with our artist,writer, designer,reader and gamer dens we have something for everyone.

so we invite you; the chit chatters, the fans,the crazy peeps, the misfits, the sad club, the chaotic club and you yes you I'm talking to you! what are you waiting for?

join the squad and if you are bored we got you covered. come partake in our chaos if you dare.

─── ∙ ⋆.ೃ࿔* ∙ ───

what we offer;
「❀」fun, entertainment & a squad
「❀」advertising & affiliations
「❀」friendly & welcoming members
「❀」accepting & diverse group
「❀」non-judgemental & toxic free
「❀」sfw & safe space server with a support group.
「❀」aes marvel+avenger theme
「❀」choose ur own hero
「❀」multi player games
「❀」events hosted
「❀」and so much more!. . .

── ∙ ⋆.ೃ࿔* ∙ ──

If you are a marvel/dc fan you may apply to join our very own avengers league that's only the best of the best. Think you got what it takes? well... let's find out shall we? comment assemble on our mb so we can see if you're worthy to join the squad if so you will be dmed an invite.
est: 7/03/2020
founder: @-ADEELAJ- (Tony Stark)
profile under construction!
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TheAvengersLeague TheAvengersLeague Apr 04, 2021 11:08AM
Humans put your hands together and grab some cake coz it is Mr.Robert Downey Jr's birthday aka the legend and king we all stan. In honour of RDJ's birthday comment your favourite movie of his below (...
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