Your welcome to the mind of a genius, please watch your step, I've heard it can be quite the bit of trouble traversing the interwoven steps of an omniscient entity's mind. Of course I am here to guide you throughout the very mind in which you intend to metaphorically step through, although guide you as I may, I cannot decide through what path you may take, that is up too you. That being the nature of free will, no matter what the power of an entity, they cannot affect the free will of another, only their own. Try as we might with the power of persuasion and the ability to change the minds of others, or the ability to manipulate another, both do not ultimately change the thought process of the person in question, simply changes the way they reach their thought process and possibly go about reaching conclusions.

Naturally higher cognitive functions rely on this very principle, they rely on your ability to make a choice or too think upon a choice to be able to process information. If their was no choice or free will to make choice, their would be no higher level brain activity, simply the latched onto belief that spreads like a cancer throughout the whole brain and mind, shutting down all questioning of the universal belief within the body and simply allows it too be. I am sure there are several questions that you may have as too what this ramble means, but it in the most basic sense means that free will is absolute, and is a rule that even my mind must abide by. This however is the only shackle by which my mind relies.

For you see, my mind works much like that of a clock. It moves forward with no indication of stopping, although like a clock it does still allow the past to exist. Those are my memories, the essence of the past that allows me too see the present and therefore make a conclusion on how to change the future. This is of course a skill awarded only too those who use up their brain in the most precarious ways, they are typically lost in thought.
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