You might be here because you read one of my classic comments. 

*dramatically sips tea*

I'm not active Rn on Wattpad sorry 🥺


24/7 crack head energy.

HP house: Slytherin

Zodiac sign: Aries/Taurus

The most single Pringle on planet earth.

I prefer my puns intended.

Im a socially awkward teen girl that was
born in California, and lives in Oregon.

Supporter of messy buns and sweatpants.

Hobbies: reading, sk8teboarding, random sports, drawing, getting hopelessly obsessed over fiction boys, eventing, listening to music, and more.

I eat my problems away.

Pets: English Bull Terrier named Ringo, pig named Oscar, 8 moody old hens, and a horse named River.

Insanely sleep deprived.

Hunger Games
Harry Potter
Maze Runner
Stranger Things
Percy Jackson

Put the hot in psychotic.

I need friends so if you ever want to talk about literally anything, y'all can dm me.

Holy water is very needed.

I read everything on wattpad so don't be surprised us when you come across one of my snazzy comments or ridiculouslyi long rants.
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