@guargu  sorry i don't know if i'm stupid or wattpad is beign weird but i can't get this to go back to yours to see what you're answering... but i think it was about what characters look like?  cause if so, then yep with hair, like i don't think it matters either really, but just lots and lots of people seem to think it does, and i'm not sure why, but someone asks every so often is all :)


hi! looking for something to read after binging an entire book in one sitting? if you're as big a fan of this author's works like "Evie's job" or "losing everything" as i am, then you'd love the wlw reading lists i have on my page! i appreciate TessMackenzie's ability to create alluring plots and tying in strong wlw rep, so i've spent time to create collections of more stories like theirs (and if you haven't read those books i mentioned, you should read them!!)


Hi. Hope you're alive and well. Don't you have like a social media account or something?


Man, i’ve been rereading your stories for years. 
          Evie’s Job, Zoe , Housemates and Losing Everything.
          Never fails to make me so immersed in it every single time. Your writing really ignites something in me if that make sense lol
          If one day you’ll see this, thank you. 
          Thank you very much!!