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I used to beknown as Aku, Akuma, Kitsune, AkumaNoKitsune, and Foxz. Only マンゴーちゃん (Mangō-chan) can call me Foxy.

Now I'm Tartaru00s- courtesy of @Anaklusmos14's book (either the Pertamis one, or 'Lord Perseus, Son of Rome.'

Friends are not the people who you've know the longest. No, friends are the people who barge into your life and say "Too bad, fucker, I'm here now! --AkumaNoKitsune, 2K16

Akuma No Kitsune means demon fox. I am Satan's pet fox, so feel free to let me give him your soul anytime, ok?

Some random shit about me:

My name is U N K O W N, and I love anime.
I hate the grammar police. If anyone is a grammar policeman/woman, then I'll hand you a siren and tell you to go spag someone else's work.
I'm British
I like hot chocolate
I like fnaf
I have a friend called Millie, who I can blackmail with cake
I hate people who judge others
I like crying in corners
I'm male
I also have a friend called Lucy who writes 10x better than me. She, too, can be bribed with cake.
I love anime
I absolutely love anime
I'm 82% insane
Anime is my life
Did I mention I like anime?
Also, don't ask about the profile pictures...
I am 13 years old (haha fuckers, my birthday happened)
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