I want to fall in love..not to be in a relationship..simply to be able to love someone wholeheartedly..to be able to trust someone blindly for once in my life..to believe he will never hurt me..
I wish that someone keeps my trust and loves me as much as i love him..someone to accept my imperfections, my faults, my lacking and try to understand me so that i can also do all i can for him..
I wanna cuddle with someone while watching movies..leaning onto his shoulder while talking all night long..watching starts laying on the grass together..hug someone tightly with all my strength and feel protected in his arms..
I wanna sleep with him, not something else but only lie next to him..resting my head onto his chest and sleeping on his arms cuddling with him..
I wanna fall asleep feeling loved, cared and safe..for once in my life i wanna feel the emotion where u love someone more than urself..
I wanna get over this fear of being left alone, being cheated..the fear that the person i love will change,will not love me anymore..
I have so many wishes,but i know none of these are gonna happen right? Because in the end im still the person who has set her walls so high that nobody bothers to cross it..who pretends to be so emotionless that nobody bothers to care about her emotions..who is so scared of getting hurt that she ends up hurting others..who prefers living in her own little imaginative world rather than this world called reality..who is forgetting to express herself sincerely while pretending to be one of the others, one of the happy cheerful and friendly people..
And who thinks so much but says nothing..
So here i am..in my dream land, the land that saves me from the harsh reality of life 😊
P.s. sometims i talk too much, i doubt if anyone will ever read this..but if u do, thanx for spending so much of ur precious time for me friend 😊
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Taemochi1813 Taemochi1813 Feb 02, 2019 07:53AM
Wow..I’m just so damn disappointed in myself :)
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