My name is Rosalyn Petrova, I have my sister, Izabelah Petrova. We are the Original Petrovas, born and raised since before Vampires existed. We have lived a very long time and have spent centuries travelling together. I am a Hybrid, born a wolf, turned to a Vampire; One of the Originals. Izabelah is a witch, one of the Original ones as well.We hunt down the Mikaelson family line, in hopes that we can put an end to the massacre that always follows in their wake/

Our main concern, is Niklaus Mikaelson, born from a Wolf and a Witch, and changed into a Vampire. A lot like me. Except for the fact that I chose to become this Hybrid in order to stop him.
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Stories by Rosalyn Petrova
The Mikaelson Bloodline by TVD_Sisters
The Mikaelson Bloodline
Sequel to The Petrova Bloodline. Rosalyn is stuck with Klaus playing a Human, Izzi is hunting them down to tr...
The Petrova Bloodline by TVD_Sisters
The Petrova Bloodline
Rosalyn Petrova and Izabelah Petrova are on a mission, to Stop Niklaus from breaking his curse. In order to d...