Hey people! Sorry this is late but, Merry Christmas! Hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday! 
          	I was celebrating Christmas yesterday so I didn't get to do this but here you are!


@SuperMemer69 same to you mate


Ay, I may or may not have accidentally a thread of the lyrics to a jt machinima song on your abused and neglected sans book...


Read this please! IMPORTANT!
          Any of you who saw my last message. Forget it. I’m planning on making this story better, not... bad? I don’t know anymore... but still check out SmartNeoBoi! His/Her stories are hilarious! So yeah just a minor setback, I can always recover. But I need your help, readers. I can’t just keep on updating the way I think I like it, I want to write like how you guys want me to write it! So please, give me any feedback, suggestions, or just some jokes to cheer me up from time to time! I need motivation so it would help a lot if you guys/girls could help me on this! Thanks.


@SuperMemer69 Have you heard about the guy that got hit in the head with a can of soda?
            He was lucky it was a soft drink


New chapter out! Is this one better? Leave some feedback here! (Not forcing you to) also, should I compete in the Watty’s?