Its Stephen Curry's birthday  


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Hey love♡
          I would be thrilled if you could check out my books;
          "bad is the new good"  (cliche mafia romance with original plot twists)
          "how to be a bad girl : a good girl's guide " (a spin on cliches )
          "00:01" (tragic romance)
          "03:00" (sequel of 00:01 = tragic romance)
          I don't know man, I suck at this advertisement thing, but I promise you, my book doesn't suck...much, I guess?
          Uh- well, I would be grateful if you could give it a try.
          Love, Aishi


Hey I just read ur bio and omfg we r twins. We love the same things and are alike (especially with the violent thing when mad) hey if u have an instagram give it to me because I'll totally follow u  peace out *drops mic*