Assalaam alaikuumm! 
          	My most Beautiful friend from inside out story 
          	"The Untold Story Of My Heart" got selected in the given award book. 
          	Please do support her by going there in the "Mystery (Voting)" Part of this award and type "+1" beside her story. ❤️❤️
          	Lot's of love!! ❤️❤️


Hello there! 
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Assalamu Alaikum!!
          I have published a SHORT STORY book named 'THE BLUE EYES'. It won't take you long to read my book as it is just a short story. It's my first ever book. So I want you to check out my book and show some love by giving your lovely votes and honest feedbacks. I hope I won't disappoint you.
          Happy reading ☺️❤️


Assalamu Alaikkum sistaaa!!
          How is your Ramadan going on??
          I hope you would like to read my new & first story *Noor of Qadr * please do read and share your thoughts as comments and vote if you like it.
          Of course, if you have to spare a few minutes from this precious month of Ramadan..
          Your sister in wattpad
          ~nash ❤️
          ❤️RAMADAN MUBARAK ❤️


Hello Friends. 
          Thanks for nominating this cuties book "The Untold Story Of My Heart. In People choice awards 2020.
          Her book got selected yaaayy. 
          I have a request to every person who have nominated or not nominated her book please go and vote beside it in inline comments as "+1" or "my vote". 
          One person can vote only once for a particular book remember but, you can vote on different books. 
          This would be her first award please support her. 
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          Thank you so much. 
          Here is the award book, you need to click on the voting stage chapter then search for mystery 9th book and in new beginners 1 book where her story is mentioned and vote❤️❤️



@SunshineSoul3 congratulations to her! Voted already


@SunshineSoul3 | done tagging dear ☺️❤️✨