Hey Dudes & Dudettes,
          	Chapter 26 is already updated. 
          	If anyone's having any trouble viewing the chapter since it's private; try this link -
          	If it isn't working, give this a try:
          	• Step 1 : Delete the book from the library.
          	• Step 2 : Log out of your account.
          	• Step 3 : Log back in.
          	• Step 4 : Re-add the book to your library.
          	Hope it works! 
          	- Rush


@Sugar_Rush19  hey can you mail the chapter to me... I really wanna read it but damn i am not able to.


@sleep222 I don't know anything else that would work. Though, if you really want to read the chapter I can email it to you. 


i did all of that and nothing worked i'm gonna cry


hey rush ~ whats up girlzz? are you doing fine? whatever it is we miss you? but make sure you take care of your own health and happiness ~~ love yah and miss yah xoxoxo


Hello there.  I would really like to know if you are well.  It's been a long time since we heard anything from you.  I really hope that you let us know that everything is fine with you. ❤


hey rush, i hope you’re well and doing amazing, i was wondering when you’d be updating tease i REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS pls let us know ❤️❤️


Hey rush... I hope you're good and healthy. If you're going through a tough time, then I hope God gives you strength to get through. And if you're happy and well, then have a great day! 


Hey girlie!!! It’s been forever since I saw u on the app. Everything ok? I know we’ve been begging you to update but before that I wanted to make sure if you’re ok or if you’re having second thoughts about tease and ur other books. HMU or anyone if u wanna talk❤️


@love4panda yeahhhhhh i been womdering too. ar you ok rush ?? auuwhhhh beeen missing u