@HelenScottTaylor If I post excerpts from those novels about Cleopatra's daughter (Berkley Books) I'd have to do it under a different pen name and I'm kind of wary of starting up a second wattpad account. However, I'm so thrilled to meet a fellow historical fiction lover! If you want to read an excerpt from those, I have them on my website here:


Are u no longer writing stories on whatpad? If not where can we go to find your new stories and pleeease if you cab find it in u to continue writing the blood fever books!!!!


U have a true fan here hanging on a cliff waiting desperately for the continuence of blood fever... Been waiting for years!


Loved your short THE KNIFE'S EDGE! Went to kindle and purchased LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME. Had to purchase IT STINGS SO SWEET, read it all in a day. 
          Your writing is fantastic! I'm learning a load. You mix sex and love superbly and the descriptions (are brilliant). 
          Love your stuff! Huge fan! 


I’ve read your Blood fever and can’t help but hook with it..hehe...thank you foer sharing it


I have jus finished "Blood Fever" for the 5th time. I thought maybe I'd be tired of it. But every time I read it, I still cry, all the emotions still touches me. Waiting patiently for the sequel :)