So, I'm supposed to give an introduction?
(>sigh< Mendokuse...)
Okay, so here's my profile:
Name - My pen name is Starwannawrite. You can call me Aster, or you can make something out of Dreamy Ash. Your choice.
Uh, my real name? Sorry, can't hear ya :)
Age - Somewhere between 1 to 6,000,000 years old.
Yeah, I'm a history nerd.
Nationality - Earthling
Favorite color - Black
What? You were the one who wanted to know.
Okay, MAYBE I like a bit of blue and white.
Likes - Books, anime, manga, coffee... I'll add the rest after I remember them.
Dislikes - Too many to mention XD
Genre preference - Fanfiction, Paranormal, Mystery, Detective, Basically anything you can get me interested in.

What's left?
Oh, I guess I'm slightly globophobic and have a tendency to forget other people's names and other stuff.

I've been told that conversing with me is very reminiscent of striking up a conversation with a wall. I disagree. Mr. Wall's even more animated than I am. You must not compare him with me and hurt his feelings.

I'm hyper imaginative and extremely unpredictable at times, not to mention really lazy. So don't expect regular updates from me. However, I'll like to tell you one thing - I never abandon stories. So, each and every story here WILL GET COMPLETED.
It'll just (yawns) take a bit of time.
Okay. Nice talking to you. Bye!

What, my favorite anime and stuff?
Ugh, next time - when I feel like it. As for OTPs, just read my stories and find out, okay? They change a LOT.
See you later. Ciao!
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