My name is Sapphire and I am from Hoenn. I have been given the title of Sapphire the Conqueror. I am a Dexter of the Hoenn region.

Luv you @Hoenn_Champion <3

Other Dexters from Hoenn:
Ruby (@Hoenn_Champion)
Emerald (@Em_LoveIslandCap)

My Pokemon Team:
Rono the Aggron (Male)
Chic the Blaziken (Female)
Troppy the Tropius (Male)
Phado the Donphan (Male)
Kirly the Gallade (Male)
Rayquaza (Genderless)

Other accounts:
A lot more lol

Not sure when or how much I'll be on but I'll try for you guys <3

That is all for now

Feel free to chat with me on my Message Board or in my books! ^w^
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