21/04/1998 born 22 year old indian girl who loves food and dogs more than studies and exercise. 
I love reading fiction books because they provide me an escape from my little boring life.
I am a binge watcher and I love watching tv series.
Hugh Jackman, Tom Ellis and Sendhil Ramamurthy aka Gabriel Lowen of beauty and the beast tv series are ultimate love of my life.
I love all things Disney. A potterhead, Hufflepuff.
I love Marvel and DC and anyone who is their fan is automatically cool in my list.
I am a dog person and I like werewolves more than vampires.
I prefer Stefan over Damon and I felt bad for Stefan.
I really want to have a huge library in my house one day.
I am an animal lover. I don't like swimming pools or beaches or anywhere with lots of water cos i almost drowned once when i was 4 and since then i am hydrophobic and i can't swim.

Sun sign - taurus
moon sign- capricorn

Stay positive people(but not covid).
Let be and let others be.
  • can't understand girls even though I am one.
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I went to hospital to get my wrist checked and doctor pressed it so hard that it hurts so much. I can't type anymore. Ouch. 
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