When dawn strikes and star's fall
Peace is gained from trouble and all,The summer shines and winter crawls, peace collapse's and war's stall.--- SleepyWooLoo is the creator of this quote and SleepyWooLoo is me and I am SleepyWooLoo.

Creator of dreamyeclipse

Lunala and cresselia.

Alonia- shiny Wooloopix
Jasper chex- a vulpix.

Mythical ball: A pokeball that mysteriously looks like a average Pokemon-ball, this ball has a invisible attracting scent to all legendary and mythical Pokemon. This ball was created deep in the secret lab's of silph.co but was accidentally released when the armored transportation vehicle was flipped over by a taruos stampede. It is rumored that THIS mythical ball was created by using the very brain cell's of lord Arceus and lady giritinia that were locked up and hidden from the very world that they created........ It is rumored that a company paid high quality money to make this happen..... And it did, although the way this company came about is shrouded in deep dark shadows BUT light reveals all and the answer lies in the grayness between..... When covered in grey light the back of the ball reveals two giant rainbow 🌈 colored capital R's.

This is sleepy wooloo's idea.

(Please ask permission before using this poke-ball). Thank you for understanding.
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