I need daily dose of Kim Seokjin and Kang Yeosang and Xing Zhao Lin to remain sane!!

I am attracted to 2seok and Yoonjin like my body is to procrastination, it's unhealthy!!

Kang Seulgi, Kim Jisoo, Sana and Mina can walk over me with the heels and I'll be happy to take it!!

Tae and Mingi are smol!!

'Horizon' and 'House of cards' still gives me chills!!

Cypher pt.2, Hangsang, Persona and Shadow and all of Bangtan's SoundCloud songs are superior!!

No worries!!! No thanxx!! I'm ok!!

ArmyAtiny over here!! Love all of my boys or I'll be at your door step!!
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