Star Wars, Mash, JATP, OBX, GMW - I love fanfics about these 5 tv shows/ movie series and I think "the biggest problem in the universe is that nobody helps each other". I am a Sagittarius ♐️. I think the world needs to recognize some of the writers on Wattpad because I think they can bring a much needed outlook to life, one that many don't see outside of this app, I would say that the world needs more creative people but I don't believe that's true I just believe that the world needs to open up its eyes to find the ones that already exist. I absolutely love star wars especially lately and I agree with the Jedi Code, I don't believe in attachments because I feel you just get hurt in the end... I believe helping people is the correct way to live my life because my brain decided that it thought I have done something wrong that needs to be undone, my brain thinks that I owe everyone around me and I'm fine with that because I would die if it meant saving someone else, I feel as though my life is expendable and I would do anything to make sure nobody else feels that way and to make sure that everybody is safe and happy
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