Hello Everyone! I am back with a new story. You can check my story "A Mysterious Connection ". Prologue and first two chapters already up! Do check it out and show some love! I am grateful for all the love I got for my previous story.❤❤


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 Hey there!
          I’m sorry if I’m disturbing you or your time but if you are accepting reading request then would you give my book a try.
          The Unbecoming of Kiara Taylor!
          It will mean a lot to me. Thanks for reading this!


your books are awesome like their names... I really appreciate your way of thinking the plots.. It was too good... Love them a lot... Yeah there need some slight edits but the books are outstanding... Hope you will check out my story too..and can hlp me a by pointing out the mistakes.. 


@Sherryfen9008 can u please follow me 


@DazzlingQueen13 thank you for your kind comment. It means a lot to me. I'll check out your book as soon as I have time.


Hey Author 
          Taday i read one of your beautiful books The Mysterious connection and I must say it's amazing the plot is really beautiful and the story is not at all cheesy that  is where I love it .
          Then the no hate between characters made it feel real.
          Just a suggestion, in case you rewrite the book then explain the scenarios in a bit more descriptive manner as sometimes the emotions are not well connected, if a little bit of details will make it more beautiful. 
          Don't get offended, Just a friendly advice as near future you can use it .
          Sorry if you felt offended,  my intentions are good .
          Have a beautiful day ahead. 


@Dishii_ cool! I really appreciate your feedback. The book needs lots of editing but I am not able to find time to do it. I'll be free by next May only. I promise to sit and make the edits then!❤