FANTASY READER. KN FAN. I'M A MIXER(LITTLE MIX) I'M A FAN OF bYOUTUBERS(EITHER LOCAL OR INTER) JELSA SHIPPER. A HOPELESS ROMANTIC GIRL IW 😂 SILENT READER. SLIGHTLY KPOP ANF INTER. FAN. I'M THE VIRTUAL WIFE OF JUANITO ALFONSO. LOVES TO READ BOYS BECOMING POSSESSIVE TO GIRLS. I'M STRAIGHT BUT GAY BY HEART AND LOVES TO READ AND WATCH BL STORIES 🌈 One of my greatest dream was to become a boy in my next life and will probably start my own yaoi story with the boy I'll love. Doesn't make sense to others, but does to me 🥺👉👈 Also, I am a wannabee writer (I don't post any of my stories) and am deeply madly in love with wattpad bcs it's my way to escape the reality. I'm a silent readeeer 💯
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